Foundation objectives () | Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung

Natural science and research

As a passionate engineer, Hans Hermann Voss had a keen interest in promoting inventive spirit and technical progress. The Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung therefore supports – mainly in the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia – students of natural scientific and technical disciplines with scholarships, complemented by regular subject-related events. Furthermore, the engagement of students beyond university courses is encouraged, for example in the context of student competitions and research projects at technical universities.

Education and training

The foundation's objective of education and training goes back to Hans Hermann Voss' awareness of the importance of a good education for the future path of life. It was his concern to help young people master their way through school and training. The two main areas of focus of our educational support in our regional district Oberbergischer Kreis are STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and the transition between school and training. Selectively, in nationwide projects, we take over funding for the Bergisches Land region. Funding of STEM activities also includes extracurricular learning venues and projects of or at universities that are aimed at pupils. In Wipperfürth, we furthermore support motion activity in daycare centers and primary schools, participatory projects at schools and day-care centers as well as projects that focus on schools or day-care centers as a living space.

Youth and seniors

Hans Hermann Voss was committed to making it easier for young people to enter (professional) life and to providing old people an appropriate place in society at the end of their working life. Even long before the foundation was established, he supported local associations in their work, especially in the area of youth sports. In Wipperfürth and in the Oberbergischer Kreis district, we foster youth work in local sports and music associations, as well as sports and leisure activities of other local non-profit organizations for both young and old people. We also support integration and inclusion work.  

Charitable causes

On a case-by-case basis, we also fund charitable causes. This includes social projects run by non-profit organizations, which aim to improve the living condition of people in need and promote the common good in Wipperfürth and the Oberbergischer Kreis district in the long term. Our foundation fosters counselling service and facilities for people in need of all ages.