Natural science and research

The promotion of natural science and research holds great significance in the work of the foundation.

The Hans Hermann Voss Foundation supports scientific and research projects at universities and other scientific facilities. Scientific projects with a technical focus are promoted in particular. In addition, scholarship programs for engineering students are supported at some universities.

Education and training

The foundation supports projects for kindergartens, schools, and higher educational institutions in order to prepare young people for career life and its demands.

In particular, the foundation promotes MINT activities over the entire education chain, as well as the transition between school and apprenticeship.

Youth and seniors

The Hans Hermann Voss Foundation is characterized by the causes of the benefactor Hans Hermann Voss, in the social responsibility to facilitate the path of young people into the real world and to maintain a proper place in society for older individuals.

After a strenuous life, seniors should have the societal support necessary to be able to properly enjoy retirement. In addition, the foundation supports youth work in clubs. Along with athletic and social activities, integration work is especially promoted.

Promotions in Wipperfürth and the Oberberg district are prioritized.

Charitable causes

This foundation cause supports individuals in need of physical, emotional, mental, or economical help. Funding goes preferentially to non-profit institutions that allow needy people alleviation of their situation. There is a regional restriction to Wipperfürth and the Oberberg district.