The biography () | Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung

An entrepreneur from the Bergisches Land 

by Michael Kamp and Robert Kieselbach

August Dreesbach Verlag, Munich, June 2015

Being the center of attention was not his thing; he - the rational technician - preferred to operate in the background. But he displayed such a passion for his work that it often astounded those around him. He did not shy away from discussions and arguments when he was convinced he was doing what was right for the company.

The biography presents the life of Hans Hermann Voss and his service as a shareholder of the VOSS group. It is thereby not only the appraisal of one individual and his achievements, but simultaneously a contribution to the regional history and to German economic history. When Hans Hermann Voss joined the fitting factory of his father at the age of 26, the operation was nothing out of the ordinary and the products - household water fittings - were down-to-earth. Many developments that have shaped the economy of the Federal Republic of Germany, from the upswing during the economic boom to the crisis during the oil price shock to the intensified construction of production facilities abroad, can be vividly described using the work of Hans Hermann Voss as an entrepreneur in Wipperfürth.

But at the same time, the biography regards Hans Hermann Voss as a personal individual and depicts him as a socially engaged, conscientious citizen. Long before the founding of his eponymous foundation, Hans Hermann Voss showed that he was a person who always cared for the concerns of others. His social work left its tracks in more than just Wipperfürth.

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ISBN number 978-3-944334-40-0.