In the year 1992, Hans Hermann Voss established the non-profit Hans Hermann Voss Foundation. Up until his death, the foundation predominantly supported the youth work in clubs in the vicinity of Wipperfürth.

In the foundation statute, Hans Hermann Voss established the issues important to him over his whole life. He adjusted the foundation objectives once more shortly before his death. With the death of Mr Voss in July 2006, nearly his entire estate went to the foundation. 

The Hans Hermann Voss Foundation is committed to social responsibility and dedicates all its capabilities to the implementation of the foundation objectives.

Projects are funded by the foundation’s income from the assets. The majority of the funding flows to the foundation from the profit distribution that the foundation receives as a shareholder of the VOSS group.

The foundation works in close collaboration with various facilities and institutions in the Oberberg district (Oberbergischer Kreis), in the Federal Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, and at federal level to identify and pursue suitable projects. In addition to the partners listed, this includes other foundations that pursue comparable goals.

Hans Hermann Voss himself gave the foundation a purely functional structure from the beginning. The foundation objectives and appropriate use of the available resources from an economic standpoint should stand in the foreground. Administrative and additional costs should be kept as low as possible.

External donations to the base of the foundation and donations towards foundation causes are possible at any time. The foundation issues a charitable donation receipt for this.