What we support

Natural Science and Research (mainly in North Rhine-Westphalia)

  • Scholarships for students of scientific-technical disciplines with an in-house scholarship program, usually at universities or universities of applied science with technical focus. For the award of scholarships, personal social aspects of the students are also taken into account
  • Interdisciplinary networking of students
  • Student competitions and workshops at universities and universities of applied science and other extracurricular activities

Education and Training (in Wipperfürth, in the Oberbergischer Kreis district, in the Bergisches Land region or even internationally, depending on main project focus)

  • STEM activities along the entire education chain – here also: projects with a STEM focus of or at universities addressing pupils (district wide, occasionally also regionally or internationally)
  • Projects for the transition between school and training (district wide; including international exchanges, where appropriate)
  • Physical exercise at schools and in daycare centers (locally)
  • Participation projects at schools (locally)
  • Projects focusing on schools or daycare centers as a habitat (local)

Youth and Seniors (in Wipperfürth and in the Oberbergischer Kreis district)

  • Youth work in local sports and music associations  and leisure activities offered by other non-profit organizations; here also: international youth exchange activities
  • Cross-generational activities for youth and seniors
  • Participation projects for seniors beyond working life
  • Age-appropriate club sport

Charitable Causes (in Wipperfürth and in the Oberbergischer Kreis district)

  • Offers of non-profit organizations for people of all ages who are dependent on the help of others because of their physical, mental or psychological condition

What we do not support on principle

  • Building projects, Investments
  • Ongoing personnel or infrastructure costs
  • Projects already in progress
  • One-off events
  • Subsidies for printing costs
  • Evaluation measures, except for projects implemented or supported by us
  • Amendments to projects already approved

Natural Science and Research

  • Individual research projects
  • Individual scholarships outside our scholarship programs
  • Chair equipment
  • Projects in the field of teaching
  • Student competition entries that can be sponsored with funds from the economy
  • endowed professorhips

Education and Training

  • Basic equipment for daycare centers and schools

Youth and Seniors

  • Vehicles
  • Top-class sport

Charitable Causes

  • Vehicles
  • Individual aid as direct support