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Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung
Represented by executive Johanna Holst
Lüdenscheider Strasse 52
51688 Wipperfürth
Phone: +49 2267 63 5000
Fax: +49 2267 63 5009


Foundation data

Order number 91/14 – in the foundation register NRW
Foundation name Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung
Legal form Incorporated Foundation
Type of foundation Non-profit
Foundation supervisory authority District government of Cologne
Foundation goals Natural science and research
  Education and training
  Youth and seniors
  Charitable causes
Date of approval 12-23-1992
Board of trustees Dr. Regine Hagen-Eck (chairperson)
  Dr.-Ing. Hans Wobbe
  Ass. jur. Jochen Hagt
  Wolfgang Schmitz
Executive Johanna Holst


Picture Hans Hermann Voss: © Anett Kürten
© Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung, 2016