A competition by the music school of the Hanseatic city of Wipperfürth

Competition organized by the Music School of the Hanseatic city of Wipperfürth

In 2016, the Music School Wipperfürth announced a competition for a city song. Everyone was invited to compose and write a song for Wipperfürth. A jury of experts selected the best songs from all the entries, which were then allowed to take part in a song contest in June 2016. The winning song - „Für Immer" (Forever) by Andreas Schnermann - was professionally arranged, produced and released on CD and DVD. Different Wipperfürth ensembles were to take part in the production to show the diversity of the musical city of Wipperfürth.

The Wipperfürth City Song was performed at the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of  Wipperfürth in 2017.

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