Listening Club

Listening Clubs

The concept of listening clubs was initiated by the Listening Foundation. The listening clubs promote a more conscious perception of the importance of listening in the school context, which leads to more peace and quiet, a more varied use of methods, a more attentive atmosphere, and increased media competence. Children, pedagogical specialists and teachers develop a basic open attitude to listen to each other better. In a specially equipped room at a school, the listening club, the children find equipment such as headphones, playback devices and sound boxes. Listening games, sound puzzles and sounds or radio plays produced by the children themselves are designed to inspire joy in listening.

In the Oberberg district in the 2021/22 school year, with the support of the Education Office of the Oberberg district and the Hans Hermann Voss Foundation, a corresponding pilot project was launched at the community elementary school Oberwiehl (GGS Oberwiehl) and the special school of the Oberberg district in Wiehl with the focus on language. In the joint all-day program of the two schools, there is now a listening club in which several children can work simultaneously on different listening tasks according to their ability and interests. 


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