Education and training

Barrier-free youth art school "Kunstbahnhof"

Since the move to new premises, the youth art school has been barrier-free and equipped with a workshop corner.

Project description

Barrier-free youth art school “Kunstbahnhof” – equipment

The Wipperfürth youth art school, "Kunstbahnhof", run by the community foundation "Wir Wipperfürther" moved to new premises at Lüdenscheider Straße 21 in autumn 2021. The Hans Hermann Voss Foundation provided funding for the new equipment for the Kunstbahnhof. The premises and equipment were redesigned to be as accessible as possible for everbody. To expand the services available, in addition to the studio, dance and theater rooms, a workshop area was set up where students can also work with wood or metal, for example.

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Education and training


Kunstbahnhof Wipperfürth / Bürgerstiftung

2021 – 2023


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