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Photo: RWTH Aachen University, II Institute of Physics

The app developed at RWTH Aachen University turns every smartphone into a physics laboratory and promotes knowledge transfer in the field of physics.

Project description

The smartphone as a mobile physical laboratory

phyphox means "physical phone experiments". This app turns every smartphone into a physics lab. Smartphones are equipped with a variety of sensors,  e.g. for acceleration, magnetic field and pressure, which  can be used for physical experiments. 

phyphox was developed by the Department of Physics at the RWTH Aachen University. It is a non-profit project with the aim to improve science education in schools worldwide. For example, the frequency of a pendulum or the spectrum of audio signals can be determined in class. The app is free of charge, suitable for Android and iOS and available in many different languages. 

The support of the Hans Hermann Voss-Stiftung includes the conversion of the app into an open source software, further development and publicising as well as the intensive training of teachers in the use of the app - an offer also in the district Oberbergischer Kreis.

Project overview
Project information

Natural science and research

Aachen und Oberbergischer Kreis

RWTH Aachen University, II Institute of Physics

2019 – 2025


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