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Project START

The START project supports participants in recognizing and improving their skills and developing a new personal perspective.

Project description

Support service for young people without graduation

START is a project under sponsorship of the Ökumenische Initiative Wipperfürth (Wipperfürth civic trust). With the project young people who dropped out of high school are given the opportunity to re-structure their lives, go back to graduate from school, and if possible, find a training position. Young single parents face an especially great number of challenges to find an apprenticeship without having finished school, and to do so with a child. It is precisely this target group that is to receive special support. Young families and single parents are offered the building blocks to achieve family skills and educational opportunities. The goal is to increase the level of education of young mothers and fathers and therewith also the educational opportunities of the children. A missing secondary school leaving certificate can be made up for and a career start can be found through an apprenticeship.

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Education and training


Ökumenische Initiative e. V. Wipperfürth/Radevormwald

since 2016


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